Last Updated 6/17/2005


Salem Mass (place of the trials)


Me & Flipper... Marathon Key



Me (left) & my buddy Benny (trashed  Right) in Quebec City at a Show (September 04)


Red Death Shots (Alabama Slammer &   Long Island Ice-T mixed)at "Off Broadway" in San Diego (July 04)



Blue Heaven Restaurant ...Key West


Bay Watch Here I Come...LOL


Making Flipper An Offer He Can't Refuse...




 Dali Museum in St. Pete, FL




A  Few old pictures I dug up from my interviewing days: 

          Me and Gunter from KMFDM Nov  97'              Me and Ken Jordan from Crystal Method Dec 98'


             My Fish MaX the 2nd ... adopted 8/9/00

R.I.P.   Died 10/14/01

Enjoy Fish Heaven Little Buddy



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